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About Intuitive Education

A quick history from our founder

Reflecting on his own schooling experience, Kyle often struggled in school. In his early schooling years he fell through the cracks and it went unnoticed. He would cope by acting disinterested and acting out in class. Thankfully in high school, a very caring and passionate teacher would change all of that. This teacher spent a lot of time one-on-one helping Kyle to understand Math and, eventually he began to appreciate learning in all aspects. This lead to him eventually excelling in academics having completed a Bachelors degree, a Masters and now a PhD with merit and scholarship.

"Growing up in a family that could never afford a tutor I saw my peers that could excel above me. I had to get a casual job just to pay for a tutor. It cost me $70 an hour back in 2007. It shouldn't have to be like that" 

With this notion Kyle founded Intuitive Education in 2013 to provide quality and affordable tutoring to students in the Macarthur area. We don't believe in charging exorbitant fees like many other companies do. We keep our operating costs low, our standards high and pass on more to our tutors!

Intuitive Education has worked with over a thousand students since 2013, Kyle has taught for more than 5000 hours and now uses this knowledge to build and foster a team of tutors that share the same values and passion for teaching. 

Intuitive Education offers private tutoring in all subjects K-12. We operate in the Macarthur region, offering tutoring to most suburbs in the Campbelltown, Camden and Liverpool councils. 

We source local home grown tutors. This way they understand the courses, content and pressures of schooling having done their HSC locally. Our tutors are renowned for being able to connect with students and foster a positive relationship and attitude towards schooling.

Our tutors are hand picked for their excellence. Each one is selected based on proven HSC success (95+ ATAR) or previous teaching experience. We have tutors ranging from primary school teachers to civil engineers and even PhD qualified chemistry lecturers. 

We offer personalised teaching services at affordable prices and use specialised lessons to improve areas of difficulty and introduce students to new subjects, helping them advance to higher levels of understanding. Feel free to call us and see what we can do for your child.

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