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Learning is our number one priority

Here at Intuitive Education, our philosophy is simple: we believe that today's children are tomorrow's future. They are our leaders, doctors and builders; the ones who will shape our nation and the world we live in. No matter what aspect of life our children choose to pursue, one thing is certain: knowledge is power, so let's give our children the power to succeed. Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.


We offer affordable private tutoring in the greater Macarthur region (Campbelltown and Camden), we are mobile so you can choose the location that suits you best. We can come to your home or meet you at the local library, the choice is yours. We offer a huge range of tutoring services from K-12, Primary all the way up to HSC and even undergraduate university subjects, to find out more information

We have a proven track record of success, some of our past students have received ATAR's in the high 90's, many of our past students have been offered positions in selective schools such as, Elizabeth MacArthur, Hurlstone Agricultural and even James Ruse! We have also had students offered ACER Scholarships after our tutors have helped them excel in the OC tests. All of our tutors are highly qualified and hand picked, many of our Tutors have achieved 95+ ATAR's.

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Intuitive Education offers Primary, High school, private tutoring, from K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden