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HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C



Currently in third year studying a Bachelor of Science (pathway to teaching) / Masters in Teaching at WSU. I graduated high school in 2017 with an ATAR of 93.20 and managed to top her grade in biology. She has the ability to  all years up to HSC Biology, General Mathematics and Standard English, as well as, Studies of Religion, Ancient History and Visual Arts. She is am bilingual, being fluent in both German and English. Sina also has a strong passion for athletics, and was lucky enough to represent Australia in the 2017 Oceania Athletics Championship, in Fiji, where she got bronze in discus.

HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C



Known and recommended by many of his peers for his unique, compelling, and often relaxed tutoring atmosphere, Joseph has also attained a Bachelor of Science (Major in Chemistry) degree, earning a ‘Dean’s Medal’ for academic excellence while graduating in the top 2% of his University cohort. Joseph has also completed a Master of Research (thesis mark 94%). Joseph is also currently completing a PhD (with scholarship) in the field of Flow Chemistry. Joseph primarily specialises in the science field, with particular attention to Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, and General), while also equipped to tutor Micro/Biology. Joseph is available for HSC chemistry and university level chemistry.

HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C


Business Manager

Kyle has a passion for learning and is even more passionate about teaching, facilitating and encouraging his students to enjoy learning in a way that proves beneficial far beyond the tutoring session. Kyle has completed a Bachelor of Science (Major in Chemistry) and a Master of Research (Supramolecular Chemistry), thanks to his excellent academic achievements Kyle received the Western Sydney University Master's scholarship and is currently receiving a full scholarship for his PhD studies. Kyle managed to top his graduating class in his Masters receiving a 6.875 GPA and a thesis mark of 94%. Kyle is an all-rounder, catering for the needs of his students in all levels of Math, English and Science. Kyle has a proven track record with a 100% success rate for students receiving entry into selective schools. Kyle has 10 years teaching experience.

HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C



A passion for mathematics and the sciences is what drove Stuart to complete a B.Sc. with a Major in mathematics and sub-major in statistics and physics. This broad view of mathematics and physics allows Stuart to help students look at mathematical problems in a different light then in the classroom, broadening their view of the subject. Stuart is now pursuing a Master's of Data Science, combining his passion for Mathematics and Science into one practical application. Stuart is Available for all levels of Math tutoring and Science, including HSC chemistry.




Carissa is an energetic tutor with over 2 years experience. Carissa understands and embraces the value of connecting with students in order to understand how to engage and maintain interest in their learning material. She has have been active with both primary and high school students in the subjects of Math and English, with her interest predominantly for primary level education. Most recently, Carissa has also volunteered at Claymore's Community Centre working closely with children O - 12 years old to provide fun literacy and numeracy, arts and crafts support programs as well as themed activities for early learning. Fun fact; Carissa is multi-lingual being fluent in English, Chinese and also Vietnamese. Carissa is available to teach Math and English from K - 12. 

HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C



Soghra is currently an undergraduate student at the faculty of Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. She majors are History and Political Economy. Soghra has a strong passion for teaching, it is her goal to complete a masters Masters in Secondary Education, to be able to teach History at high school level. Soghra has been involved in mentoring ESL students at Miller Technology High School as part of the Thrive Youth Transition Support program held by Lebanese Muslim Association. She has also completed Peer Literacy and Numeracy Tutoring Course as an extra-curricular activity. Soghra is available to tutor Math, English, Science up to year 10  and Modern and Ancient History for HSC. 




Samantha is currently studying a Bachelor of Science/Fine Arts, with the intention of majoring in Psychology at the University of New South Wales. Having completed Advanced and Extension 1 Mathematics and Advanced English in her HSC, Samantha is confident in teaching all levels up to HSC Mathematics, as well as, English and Science up to a year 10 level. In her HSC year Samantha also completed two major works, so is well adapted and well aware of the stress of balancing a heavy practical workload with senior studies. Utilising this in her teaching method, Samantha is suited for all levels of school aged students.




Renee is currently studying a combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), with particular passions lying in the Business, Maths, Statistics and Finance faculties. Renee is very enthusiastic in helping maximise her student's abilities and potential through both the achievement of desired results and the development of disciplined and determined practices that can be applied throughout many aspects of life. Renee completed the HSC in 2018 achieving a band 6 in Mathematics (2 unit), Business Studies, Economics and Legal Studies with an overall ATAR of 96.6. Renee is available to tutor Primary K-6, 7-10 Social Sciences (Geography, Commerce, History), 7-12 Maths (up to and including HSC Mathematics Extension 1) and HSC subjects Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics.

HSC, Chemistry, Biology, Primary, High school, private, tutoring, tutor, K-12 in Math, Science and English Campbelltown, Camden, C



Andre is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney. He has always been fascinated with numbers, and found joy in sharing the knowledge and tricks he has learned with others to help them reach their potential. Andre is also passionate about music, having completed AMEB Piano Examinations up to Grade 7 and playing the drums and guitar since 2009. Andre is multi-lingual being fluent in Indonesian, having done a semester abroad in Yogyakarta in 2017, as well as having a basic knowledge of Spanish. Andre is available to teach all levels of Mathematics and HSC Chemistry.

Aaron Lillis.jpg



With an infectious enthusiasm for Maths and Science, Aaron is studying a Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics/Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at UNSW. Having studied and achieved band 6's in HSC Physics, Chemistry, English Standard and Mathematics Extension 1 and 2, Aaron received 98.55 ATAR and Dux of his graduating class in 2019. Aaron is eager to tutor all these subjects at a senior level as well as Kindergarten to Year 10 in  Maths, Science and English. He has also completed a Peer Literacy program, furthering his enthusiasm in helping students improve and achieve their goals. Aaron has a passion for education especially in Math and the Sciences, he is available to tutor K -12.

Mele Osai.jpg



Mele is currently undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Criminology at Western Sydney University which is fuelled by a passion for writing, social sciences, humanities and the arts. Mele is strongly attuned and interested in how people work. As a tutor, she strives to assess and implement personalised learning strategies to ensure her students are learning in a way that not only makes sense to them, but challenges them. Mele's goal in teaching is to see consistent improvement in her students; not only does she want them to understand schooling content, but develop the ability to synthesise information and draw their own conclusions when it comes to learning. Mele has a strong and well rounded academic background, achieving Band 6's in her HSC and offers tutoring in English (Standard and Advanced up to Year 12), General Mathematics (Up to Year 10), Ancient and Modern History (Junior and HSC), Music 1 and Society and Culture (HSC).

Jessica Meleka.png



Jessica is very enthusiastic in assisting students to reach their full potential and discovering their passion. Jessica has worked in various schools for placement and is currently working as a teachers assistant. This experience has enhanced Jessica's knowledge and she is well informed about various teaching strategies that can support students to reach their full potential and achieve their desired outcomes. Jessica is currently studying bachelor of Primary Education, specialising in religion. Jessica is very passionate about developing students 21st century learning skills and abilities. Jessica encourages her students to be critical thinkers, as it has become a integral part for students prosperity. Jessica is available to teach Math, English, Science and Geography from Kindergarten to Year 6. Jessica has the ability to simplify complex concepts,thus uses concrete materials to support students.

Kobra Sayyadi.jpg



Kobra is currently studying Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University majoring in English Literature.  Kobra has completed Peer Tutoring TAFE course in high school which allowed her to gain valuable experience providing junior year students with literacy and numeracy help. Kobra has used her previous experience and courses to gain an insight into the different learning styles through which people learn and how we can utilise this to effectively cater to student's individual learning needs. Kobra hopes to undertake post-graduate studies with the goal of becoming a teacher. As a keen reader of fiction and poetry and a film enthusiast at heart. She is also fluent in English and Dari and have an interest in learning new languages.




Connor is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) at UOW. Connor graduated high school in 2019 receiving an ATAR of 84.60, finishing in the top 3 in both PDHPE and the new English Standard syllabus in his grade. Connor has the the ability to tutor Standard English, General Mathematics and PDHPE up to a Year 12 level and is very eager to tutor Legal Studies in Year 11 and 12 as well. Connor believes that his past experience and his own HSC journey will enable him to  guide  his students to improve their academic results by instilling effective study behaviors and a positive outlook toward their studies.

Elodie Creber.jpg



Elodie is currently studying a combined Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of International Studies degree at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with hopes to one day become a midwife overseas. Elodie completed the HSC in 2019 with a Band 6 in English Advanced, an E4 in Extension English I, a Band 6 in Standard Mathematics graduating with an ATAR of 92.4. Elodie has always loved learning and has a particular interest in English, Maths and PDHPE. Having recently completed the new syllabus she understands the new course outcomes and can empathise with students finding difficulty with these new syllabus'. Elodie is available to tutor K-12 English, K-6 Mathematics, 7-12 PDHPE and HSC Standard Mathematics.




Ellisa has completed a Bachelor of Science (Biological Science - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry) at Western Sydney University with a Distinction average. Currently, Ellisa is studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Technology Sydney. Ellisa has a passion for science and teaching, and has had previous mentoring experience at Miller Technology High School and Leumeah High School. Ellisa was also a PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Facilitator at Western Sydney University for 1.5 years.  Elissa is available to teach Mathematics Kindergarten up to standard Year 12, Science K - 12 and Year 11 and 12 Biology. 

Stacey Prakash.jpeg



Stacey has studied her Masters in Teaching Primary School postgraduate degree. She has successfully completed her practical placements in NSW schools and exercised proficiency as a graduate teacher. She has tutored students in literacy and numeracy for over 2 years. Stacey is also an online English teacher for students in China and absolutely loves teaching her students English. Stacey has a passion for teaching and learning. She has been recommended by many of her students for her patient nature and ability to adapt lessons to the newest teaching methods. She has been an active member of local primary schools and has been supporting students in classrooms as a teacher and support mentor. Stacey is available to teach all Primary school level subjects and Mathematics up to year 10.




Kenneth is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at Western Sydney University and majoring in the field, Chemistry. He aims to complete a Masters of Research in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry. I have also achieved 91 in Inorganic Chemistry and Advanced Organic Chemistry, 90 in Advanced Analytical Chemistry, 89 in Molecular Pharmacokinetics , and 86 for Science Research Project. Kenneth has have a strong passion for understanding and teaching concepts that will allow a student to excel in their interests. He has have tutored multiple students ranging from High School and University in Math and Chemistry and is confident teaching up to 2 Unit Mathematics and all levels of Science.

Keira Fairley.jpg



Keira is currently studying at The University of Sydney, working towards a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Advanced Studies with majors in Theatre and Sociology with a minor in History. Keira completed her HSC in 2019, achieving an ATAR of 94.40 with Band 6's in both Drama and Society and Culture. Having completed three major works during Year 12 in Drama, English Extension 2 and Society and Culture, the latter of which received 100% in internal assessment. Keira has been a part of gifted and talented education since age 10, attending an Opportunity Class for years 5 through 6, followed by an academically selective high school from 7-12. Keira has over a year experience tutoring primary school students. Keira is available for all levels of English from Kindergarten to Year 12 Extension 2. 

Destiny Ly.jpeg



Destiny is currently studying a Bachelor of Business and  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney. Recently graduated high school in 2019, with consistently high grades in Advanced English, Advanced Math, Business Studies, Legal Studies and SOR 2.

Destiny is a visual learner, she uses her preference for visual illustrations such as colours, diagrams and visual aids to convey her teaching methods. Destiny has found this method to be extremely advantageous in her students. Destiny also adapts her teaching methods to suit the style of learning of each of her students. Destiny has a huge interest and passion for music as a piano and self-taught guitar player. Destiny is available to teach Math and English from Kindergarten to Year 10 as well as Year 11 and 12 Business and legal studies.


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