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Online Tutoring

Discover the Intuitive difference!


We have teamed up with Bramble to deliver our online tutoring!

This award-winning platform is designed for tutoring

Connect and Interact Seamlessly with your Tutor

Students can Talk, Sketch and Share resources with their tutor in real-time as if they were in the same room. Our online platform offers Intuitive learning for a seamless tutoring experience every lesson. 


Lessons are Recorded and Transcribed

Not only are lessons recorded, they are also transcribed in real-time using AI. Meaning that lessons are instantly available for playback and study. 

Lessons Worksheets are Sent Directly to the Student

All lesson worksheets are saved and sent directly to your email after each session. All recordings and worksheets can be accessed by the student anytime enhancing their revision and study come exam time!


Smart Search Enables Smart Study!

Smart Search enables students to search for key topics or phrases and use their time more effectively to study! Students begin to build a valuable library of resources with every lesson they have with us online.

See it in Action!

$50 per/hr


Clicking on a Tablet

Online Lessons

One-one-One Online

Online lessons are delivered through our dedicated online tutoring platform Bramble. 

Discover the Intuitive difference with our state of the art online tutoring, your child will feel as if they are in the same room as their tutor. 

All online lessons are recorded and transcribed in real-time, so students have the ability to search terms and phrases after each session to study in the future. Best of all, a PDF copy of the lesson will be sent to your email upon the completion of each lesson.  

Cost: $50 per hour

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