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What We Offer

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Mathematics Primary - Year K-6
Mathematics Preliminary - Year 7-10
HSC Mathematics - Year 11-12 (General, 2 Unit (advanced) & Ext 1)

English Primary - Year K-12 (Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar, Writing and Reading)
English Preliminary - Year 7-10
English HSC - Year 11-12 (General and Advanced)

Science Preliminary - Year 7-10
Science HSC - Year 11-12 (Chemistry, Physics and Biology)

Plus a range of HSC subjects including; Business Studies, Modern and Ancient History, Community and Family Studies, Engineering Studies and many more!

Quality, Affordable Private Tutoring for all subjects K-12

One flat hourly rate

no contracts, no upfront fees, no hidden costs. 

$55 per/hr

One-on-One Lessons

Customised Lessons

One-on-One lessons are perfect for ‘in home’ or local library tutoring. This option is best recommended for students that require help in specific subject areas or students who experience difficulty concentrating in a group setting and would prefer individual tutoring. Our tutors will assess each student and tailor their teaching style to suit each student's individual requirements. We suggest 1 hour per subject per week for active learning.



Price - Starting from $55 per hour*
*discount applies for multiple hour bookings.

Test Prep

Specialised Attention

At Intuitive Education, we offer customised lessons to suit students requiring specialised attention in preparation for a range of tests and exams including OC, Selective, Naplan, Half and Yearly exams, Trials and the HSC. This option prepares students with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently undertake their upcoming tests and exams. These lessons are individually developed and tailored by our tutors to suit the specific needs of each student. This service also includes past-papers, examination condition preparations, and homework to keep each student on track for success.

Price - Starting from $55 per hour*
*discount applies for multiple hour bookings.

Group Lessons

Consistent Development

Group lessons will be offered throughout the term and during school holidays. These sessions are suitable for students who prefer group interaction and do not require specialised attention. Our group lessons provide students with the confidence and ability to stay focused while continuing their journey to be at the top of their classes. Group lessons also offer parents a cheaper alternative to One-on-One lessons.


Price - Starting from $35 per hour per student*
*discount applies for multiple
student and/or hour bookings.